Bread chips "HALLOINS" with paprika


AED 7.75


Crunchy chips with a bright taste of paprika, sprinkled with sea salt.

Glossy on the outside and crisp on the inside, Halloweens make a great snack on the go and when traveling.

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Halloweens are chips that really want to be eaten! Appetizing on the outside and fragile on the inside, Halloweens crumble loudly and tastefully in your mouth! Halloweens are cooked without frying in oil, and this is +100 to the benefits!


Wheat flour of the highest grade, sea salt, vegetable oil, sugar, water, liquid malt extract (barley malt, barley, drinking water), spice - sweet red pepper (red paprika), complex food additive "Thai pepper" [ salt, sugar, dextrose, dried vegetables (tomato powder, dried garlic) flavor and aroma enhancers (E621, E635), edible sea salt, dye (paprika extract), anti-caking agent (E551), sweetener (E965)], salt, complex food additive "Paprika" [salt, sugar, dextrose, dried vegetables and spices (onion, paprika, mustard powder, garlic, cayenne pepper), maltodextin, flavor and aroma enhancers (E621, E635), flavoring substances, dye (E150c), natural flavoring agents, anti-caking agent (E551), acidity regulator (E363, E330)], spices (dried garlic, dried onion), baking powder - ammonium bicarbonate (ammonium carbonate salt), hot red pepper (chili), paprika flavor, emulsifier torus - soy lecithin, acidity regulator - sodium hydroxide. The product may contain traces of milk protein, sesame, eggs, mustard.