Chocolate Teddy bear


AED 8.00
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Chocolate Teddy Bear is a delicate and delicious dessert created for true chocolate connoisseurs. Contains added almonds and wafer crumbs, giving it a unique taste and texture.



Chocolate Teddy Bear

Be enchanted by the exquisite taste of Mishka Kosolatoy chocolate, which combines the tenderness of chocolate, the aroma of almonds and the crunch of wafer crumbs. An ideal choice for lovers of sweets and quality desserts.

High Quality Ingredients

We use only selected ingredients to create this chocolate, so that every bite brings true pleasure to your palate.

Pleasant and Delicate Taste

Mishka clubfoot chocolate has a unique taste that combines the tenderness of chocolate and the unique crunch of additives. Immerse yourself in a world of pleasure with every bite.

Perfect Dessert

This chocolate will be a great addition to your tea party or just as a treat for your family and friends. Enjoy the great taste with Mishka the clubfoot!