Megrelian Adjika


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Try real Megrelian Adjika, the favorite seasoning of the Georgian people. This adjika is used as a seasoning for various dishes, adding spiciness and aroma to your treats.

Try real Megrelian Adjika. Buy this Georgian seasoning for various dishes in Dubai. The ideal combination of salt, pepper, uskho-suneli, garlic and cilantro (coriander).

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Mingrelian Adjika

Mingrelian Adjika is a true Georgian classic. A favorite seasoning of the Georgian people, it gives dishes a rich taste and aroma. Perfect as a seasoning for various dishes, creating an authentic oriental taste.


Salt 56%, red pepper, uskho-suneli, garlic, cilantro (coriander).

Storage conditions

Temperature: 0º + 25ºC. Relative humidity no more than 75%.


Add Megrelian Adjika to your dishes to enjoy the spicy and aromatic taste that Georgian gourmets value so much. Pairs perfectly with meat, fish, and vegetable dishes.