Red tkemali is sharp


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Red Tkemali acute from Kula - excellent seasoning or sauce for meat and fish dishes. Without preservatives and dyes.
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Red tkemali acute

Transform your dishes with a sharp red tkemali from Kula, which is ideal as a seasoning or sauce for meat and fish dishes. This product has a rich taste and aroma.

Natural composition

Red Tkemali Acute Kula is created without the use of preservatives and dyes. Its unique taste is provided by high -quality ingredients: tkemali, red pepper, salt, sugar, garlic, greens, coriander, dill.

Application in cooking

This product is perfectly combined with various meat and fish dishes. Add it to marinades, use it as a sauce to the grill or just as a seasoning to give piquancy dishes.

Storage conditions

Store at a temperature of 0º to +25ºC. Relative humidity should not exceed 75%. This will ensure the preservation of the quality and taste characteristics of the product.