Classic yellow tkemali


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Try the real oriental taste with Classic Yellow Tkemali! This sauce, created based on traditional recipes, will give your dishes an authentic oriental aroma and taste.

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Classic Yellow Tkemali is an oriental seasoning inspired by traditional recipes. This sauce has a harmonious combination of tkemali, salt, sugar, garlic, red pepper, herbs, coriander and dill.

Product Features:

  • Ingredients: Tkemali 92%, salt, sugar, garlic, red pepper, herbs, coriander, dill.
  • Does not contain preservatives, dyes or concentrates - only natural ingredients.

Use Classic Yellow Tkemali for:

  • Grill seasonings.
  • Sauce for fried or baked fish.
  • Enhance the taste of meat before frying or baking.

Refresh your culinary experiments with this unique sauce and enjoy the rich oriental taste!