Instant oat flakes


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Makfa's instant oatmeal is the ideal breakfast for a dynamic lifestyle. Complete, tasty and healthy porridge can be prepared in just a minute.

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Quick and healthy breakfast

Selected Altai groats undergo a gentle crushing stage to preserve the rich nutritional properties of oats and speed up cooking time. These oats are energizing, great tasting, and easy to prepare. The special formula allows you to prepare porridge in just 1 minute.

Natural ingredients

This is a 100% natural product that is a source of protein and low in calories. Instant oats are suitable for a variety of diets and diets, including vegetarian nutrition, sports nutrition and baby food.

Suitable for various purposes

These oat flakes can be included in the daily menu, used in various recipes and dishes, and as a snack throughout the day. Available in convenient packaging weighing 350 g, shelf life is 12 months.