Lemonade Barberry from Martin


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Barberry lemonade from MARTIN is a refreshing non-alcoholic drink with a unique barberry taste. Enjoy the pleasant taste and refreshing effect of this cold sparkling water from Martin.
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Lemonade Barberry from MARTIN

Lemonade is the most popular choice for refreshment, and MARTIN's Barberry Lemonade offers the unique taste of barberry in a non-alcoholic form. This drink is ideal for a hot afternoon, parties or to combine with other drinks.

Natural Ingredients

MARTINA uses specially prepared artesian water, sugar, acidity regulator citric acid and natural flavoring "Barberry". Preservative and color added to maintain freshness and taste.


Artesian water, sugar, citric acid (acidity regulator), "Barberry" flavoring, sodium benzoate (preservative), cochineal red dye (E124).

Storage Conditions

Store between 0℃ and 18℃ to maintain the freshness and flavor of this lemonade.