Halva sunflower with peanuts


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Halva Sunflower with arachis from Timosha is an oriental treat for health and joy. Tender sweetness with the core of fried peanuts, which will conquer the hearts of the sweet tooth.
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Halva with peanuts from Timoshi

Plunger in the Eastern World with the Halva Sunflower with Arachis from Timoshi. This is a unique combination of the delicate texture of halva and aromatic peanut, created for real gourmets.

Natural ingredients

We use only natural ingredients to prepare this sweetness. Among the components: a natural anti-oxiditer-concentrate, sugar, vanillin aromatizer, soap root extract, the core of fried crushed peanuts, water and patho.

Nourishing value

in 100 g of product: proteins 11.2 g, carbohydrates 45.6 g, fats 27.1 g. Energy value - 490 kcal.

For health and joy

Timosha creates sweets that not only delight with taste, but also bring joy and useful properties. Let yourself enjoy this oriental treat!