Rahat-Lukum "Fragrant"


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Rahat -lukum "Fragrant" from Timosha is an ideal choice for those who love the variety of tastes in one delicacy.



Rahat-lukum "Fragrant" from Timosha

Explore the world of oriental sweets with Rahat-lumber "Fragrant" from Timosha. This product is a real find for lovers of various tastes. Sweetness, created for those who cannot decide on the choice and want to enjoy all the shades in one delicacy.

Natural composition

Sugar, drinking water purified, corn starch, sugar powder, acidity regulator - citric acid, dietary natural flavorings: orange, banana, cherry, apple, dietary dyes: karmin, turmeric, paprika extract, chlorophyll.

The pleasure of all tastes

Feel real pleasure in every piece with a variety of tastes inspired by the aromas of orange, banana, cherries and apples. Rahat -Lukum "Fragrant" is a journey through oriental tastes.

without artificial additives

This rakhat-lukum does not contain artificial dyes or flavors, giving it a natural and tasty character.