Cracker "French with sesame"


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Yashkino cracker “French with sesame” is a classic crunchy treat with coconut-sesame topping. Made with natural ingredients and oven baked, this sesame and coconut cracker is the perfect addition to your snack.
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Yashkino cracker "French with sesame"

Immerse yourself in the real taste with “French with sesame” crackers from Yashkino - classic, crispy and covered with coconut-sesame sprinkles.

These crackers are made using natural ingredients and carefully oven-roasted to achieve the perfect crispiness. With the addition of sesame seeds and coconut flakes, they enrich your snack with a unique taste.

  • Nutritional value of 100 g of product: proteins - 7.5g, fats - 22g, carbohydrates - 62g.
  • Energy value 100 g: 480 kcal.