Walnut waffles


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Yashkino nut waffles are seven layers of crispy waffles with a rich filling of 100% cocoa and high-quality hazelnuts. Immerse yourself in a sophisticated taste experience with this unique combination of textures, available in two sizes - 200g and 300g.
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Yashkino nut wafers

Seven layers of crispy waffles and a rich filling of 100% cocoa and quality hazelnuts make these waffles a real treat for connoisseurs of taste. Yashkino nut wafers are a combination of high-quality ingredients and unique taste, available in 200 g and 300 g packages.

  • Nutritional value of 100 g of product: proteins - 6 g, fats - 28 g, carbohydrates - 62 g.
  • Energy value 100 g: 520 kcal.