Rice mini crispbreads with banana


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Rice mini crispbreads with a banana - a healthy and tasty snack for children from Jr.Korner.
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Rice mini crispbread with banana: great and tasty

Refresh the snacks of your children with Jr.korner mines containing natural banana puree and apple juice. This healthy and tasty product was created specifically for children over 3 years old.

Only useful ingredients

Mini crispbreads are made of whole cereals (rice) and 100% natural ingredients. They do not contain sugar and gluten, which makes them an ideal choice for conscious mothers.

Banana sweetness

Banana mashed potatoes and apple juice add a unique taste and aroma to mini bread. Children adore this bright and rich taste of a banana.

Convenient snack

Compact and light, these breads are ideal for a snack at school or during a walk. They retain their freshness for 12 months.

Natural composition

rice groats, banana puree, apple concentrated juice, carotene, natural banana flavor, brown rice - naturalness without extra additives.

Nourishing value

in 100 g of product: proteins 21 g, carbohydrates 21 g, 4.5 g. Energy value - 1400 kJ/330 kcal.

The expiration date

The product retains its qualities for 12 months. We recommend that you store in a dry place protected from direct sunlight.