Where to buy alcohol in Dubai: Complete guide

  • Aug 26, 2023

Dubai is an amazing place where modern architecture, luxurious resorts and world culture merge together. But, being part of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai also has its own characteristics when it comes to the purchase and use of alcohol. In this article, we will consider where and how to purchase alcohol in Dubai.

1. Specialized stores with alcohol in Dubai: In Dubai there are several specialized stores where you can purchase alcohol. One of the most popular is Al Hamra Cellar. Where to buy alcohol in Dubai? To do this, you will need a license for alcohol, which can be obtained for both tourists and residents.

2. Bars and restaurants in Dubai: Where to buy alcohol in Dubai if you prefer to enjoy it in society? In Dubai there are many bars and restaurants that have the right to sell alcohol. They usually offer a variety of wine and alcohol, as well as cocktails. An example is Barasti Beach Bar, an ideal place to relax by the sea.

3. Hotel bars in Dubai: hotels in Dubai also have the right to sell alcohol to their guests. You can visit bars in hotels such as Burj Al Arab, where you will find a wide selection of drinks.

4. License for alcohol for residents in Dubai: Where to buy alcohol in Dubai if you are a resident? For Dubai residents who want to purchase alcohol for home use, there is a procedure for obtaining a special license for alcohol. This license is issued by the Dubai government and is required for the legitimate acquisition of alcoholic beverages. To obtain a license, you may need to provide certain documents, such as a copy of your visa, passport and work book. A license for alcohol is usually associated with restrictions on the amount and types of alcoholic beverages that you can purchase in specialized stores. This is important compliance with laws and regulations, and violation of the rules can lead to serious consequences. Do not forget to update your license to remain in accordance with the laws and continue to enjoy alcohol in Dubai.

5. Airports in Dubai: If you just arrive or go from Dubai, airports also offer shops with alcohol, where you can make purchases. The rules here may vary, but usually there is an opportunity to buy alcohol in Duty-Free stores when departing or arrival.

6. Order via the Internet in Dubai: Some stores also offer online alcohol orders with delivery to your place of residence. This is a convenient way to get alcohol without visiting a physical store.

Conclusion: Dubai provides a variety of options for buying alcohol, but it is important to remember that the rules are strict, and alcohol should be consumed with respect to local laws and cultural characteristics. Before buying, read the local rules and requirements to avoid unpleasant situations. Enjoy alcohol in Dubai responsibly and safe.

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