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Borjomi natural mineral water

Borjomi is a legendary water that is more than 130 years old, it is known and loved by millions of people around the world. It originates in the volcanic depths of Georgia in the ecologically clean Borjomi valley at a depth of 8000 m and, rising through layers of volcanic rocks, is saturated with a natural composition of more than 60 useful minerals.

AED 20.00

Buckwheat "Extra"

Extra buckwheat groats under the Uvelka trademark are produced by Resurs LLC in Russia. According to the results of laboratory tests, this product was recognized as high quality, as it met not only the mandatory requirements of the law, but also the advanced standard of Roskachestvo.[ /short_description] [product_description]

This product is free of pathogens and mold. Laboratory studies did not reveal the content of herbicides, insecticides and other chemicals, including pirimiphos-methyl, a drug for the destruction of harmful insects. Weed and organic impurities, as well as pests, were not found in the package. The kernels are whole, without split, spoiled and modified, as well as non-shelled kernels.

The content of flour in the product does not exceed 0.2%. With the ratio of these indicators, we can say that the cooked cereal will have a good consistency and will not stick together during cooking. The low level of acidity and acid number of fat in the product is an indicator of the freshness of the cereal, compliance with the terms and conditions of storage.

AED 16.00

Classic gingerbread

Gingerbreads according to the classic recipe from choux pastry, covered with sugar glaze.
AED 11.50
Сладкие гостинцы

Drying crumbs with vanilla

Rye croutons flavored with tomato and herbs. Rye croutons are made without deep frying. Freshly baked bread is used for 3-Corps.
AED 9.25

Cottage cheese Svalya fat-free 0.5%

SVALYA is a stable and consistently high quality of products.
AED 20.00
Дядя Ваня

Pickled cucumbers freshly salted

Salted cucumbers according to a traditional recipe.
AED 19.50
Дядя Ваня

Green peas from brain varieties

[Short_Description] Green peas from brain varieties from the Uncle Vanya brand - this is a high -quality product grown on their own fields in the Krasnodar Territory. peas is distinguished by an exquisite taste and is suitable for cooking a variety of dishes. [/Short_Description] [Product_Description] Composition Fresh vegetable peas, purified water, sugar, salt Nourishing (food) value per 100g: proteins - 3g, carbohydrates - 6g Energy value (calorie content): 150 kJ, 35 kcal. [/Product_Description]
AED 8.00

Boiled sausage doctoral Delmark 500 g.

[Short_description] Boiled Doctor's Boiled Sausage Sausage of Delmark is a high -quality meat product prepared according to a traditional recipe with love and care. [/Short_Description] [Product_Description] Composition BEAUTION OF HOLD CONSIDS, BEARS OF THE CONSIDS, CURRENT OF THE BROMENT OF THE BROWERRY BROWERS, SIDE-BEAR BUCH BURCH IVOTE, Dry Milk, Urine Milk, Sand Sand, Water, Salt of the Yodirovy, Color Cleeter (Sodium Nitrite) , spices and spices. Food value of 100 g. Product: proteins 12 g, fats 30 g. Store at temperature: from +2 ° C to +6 ° C [/Product_Description]
AED 35.00

Raw sausage "Delmark" Parma 300 g.

[Short_Description] Sausage "Delmark" Parma - a raw -button exquisite treat weighing 300 g. Enjoy the excellent taste of the Spanish sausage, prepared with love and attention to details. [/Short_description] [Product_Description] Prize quality of Spain Sausage "Delmark" Parma is a real gastronomic pleasure, which is the art of Spanish cuisine in every piece. The traditions of the Spanish delicacies, transferred through the centuries, reach their highest expression in this sausage. Spanish sausage is not just food, it is a cultural experience that brings the magic of aromas and the wealth of tastes to your table. Square meat, seasoned with spices and sustained on wood smoke, creates a unique taste that Spanish cuisine is so famous for. Composition Beef of the highest grade, chicken of the thoracic part of the chickens, beef fat, sodium salt, color fixer (sodium nitrite), spices and spices. Food value for 100 g of product: proteins - 18 g, fats - 35 g, energy value - 150 kJ (35 kcal). Energy value: 673 kcal Store at temperature: from +2 ° C to +6 ° C. Shelf life: 180 days [/Product_Description]
AED 42.00

Austrian sausage Delmark 200 g.

[Short_Description] Austrian sausage "Delmark" is a delightful combination of juicy varieties of meat, fat and spices created according to the legendary author's recipe. Enjoy the rich taste of the history of sausage art right on your table. [/Short_description] [Product_Description] Legendary heritage Austrian sausage "Delmark" is a traditional delicacy that originated more than 300 years ago in the city of Vienna, where sausage was a real art. Our masters prepare this juicy delicacy with love and attention, preserving the historical taste in every piece. This product is a real festival of taste, which combines the highest grade meat, turkey chill meat, fat and spices. The sausage has passed the ennoblement with new technologies, preserving the classic Austrian taste and being a standard of quality. Composition BURCH LENTER OF HOLE CHORT, CUST DEUMENT, BEAR-SAME BEARS, SALL GOOD BOOD, Coloring CITER (sodium nitrite), spices and spices. Food value for 100 g of product: proteins - 22 g, fats - 65 g. Energy value 100 g: 673 kcal. Store at temperature: from +2 ° C to +6 ° C. Shelf life: 180 days. [/Product_Description]
AED 35.00

Sausage of Moscow Delmark 300 g.

[Short_Description] Moskovskaya Sausage "Delmark" is the embodiment of a classic meat delicacy with a Russian soul created with premium quality and excellent taste for a unique Moscow recipe. [/Short_Description] [Product_Description] Moscow classics Moscow sausage is a real meat delicacy with history, starting from the 17th century, when Moscow gave the name of this popular sausage. Having inherited the original Russian traditions, it is reproduced according to the unique proprietary recipe of Moscow craftsmen of sausage crafts. In each sausage "Moskovskaya" the best varieties of beef, an abundance of spices and seasonings are combined, creating the perfection of the taste and quality of the premium class. This product perfectly corresponds to the Russian highest variety of raw -button sausage. Composition Beef of the highest grade, chicken of the thoracic part of the chickens, beef fat, sodium salt, color fixer (sodium nitrite), spices and spices. Shelf life: 180 days. Store at temperature: from 0 ° C to +6 ° C. Food value for 100 g of product: proteins - 22 g. Energy value 100 g: 673 kcal. [/Product_Description]
AED 42.00

Hunting raw -button sausages Warsaw 140 g.

[Short_Description] Hunting raw -button sausages "Warsaw" from Delmark - a delicious miniature appetizer, captivating with a spicy -and -captive aroma with shades of garlic and spices. This gastronomic pleasure is a harmonious consonance of high -quality beef meat, fragrant ground pepper and fresh garlic, donated by tart smoke of smoke. The recipe for preparing these magnificent sausages was first planned in Warsaw at the beginning of the twentieth century and, having won the love of Polish gourmets, conquered the whole world. [/Short_description] [Product_Description] Traditions of Warsaw Hunting raw -button sausages "Warsaw" is an authentic snack created with love for meat delicacies. The Warsaw recipe, originating at the beginning of the twentieth century, combines the highest grade of beef meat, chicken breast, fresh garlic and selected spices. This sophisticated dish is prepared using ancient smoking methods, which adds a special aroma and taste to it. Composition Beef of the highest grade, chicken of the thoracic part of the chickens, beef fat, sodium salt, color fixer (sodium nitrite), spices and spices. Store at temperature: from +2 ° C to +6 ° C. Food value 100 g of product: proteins - 22 g, fats - 65 g. Energy value 100 g: 673 kcal. [/Product_Description]
AED 23.00
San Pellegrino

Mineral water San Pellegrino 1l

[Short_description] Mineral San Pellegrino water water with a volume of 1 liter - a refreshing drink with an instant charge of energy. It was made of natural mineral water from Italian Alps, has a pure and fresh taste that perfectly quenches thirsty. [/Short_description] [Product_Description] San pellegrino soda mineral water San Pellegrino is a carbonated natural mineral water, represented in a bottle of 1 liter. Produced from natural mineral water extracted in Italian Alps. Her fresh and pure taste is ideal for quenching thirst. Soda gives the water pleasant playfulness, which makes it even more pleasant for consumption. Whether it is pure use or use in cocktails, San Pellegrino -carbonated mineral water is a high -quality choice for quenching thirst and refreshing. Storage conditions Keep in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight. [/Product_Description]
AED 10.00
San Pellegrino

Вода минеральная San Pellegrino 6x1л

[Short_Description] packaging of 6 bottles of San Pellegrino mineral water with a volume of 1 liter each - an excellent solution for real connoisseurs of a refreshing Italian drink. Offers the purity of taste and instant sense of vigor. [/Short_description] [Product_Description] packaging of 6 bottles San Pellegrino offers a package of 6 bottles of mineral water, each volume of 1 liter. This is a great solution for those who appreciate the quality of Italian drink with a pronounced pure taste. Excellent quality Each bottle contains San Pellegrino sparkling natural mineral water mined in Italian alps. This drink combines the purity of taste and pleasant soda, giving a feeling of freshness and vigor. Diversity of applications Packing of 6 bottles is suitable for both individual consumption and for use in preparation of drinks and cocktails. Each bottle retains the freshness and quality of water San Pellegrino. Storage conditions Keep in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight. [/Product_Description]
AED 57.00
Мурманский рыбокомбинат

Печень трески натуральная 500г.

Натуральная печень трески от Мурманского рыбного комбината - это высококачественный продукт, произведенный из охлажденного сырья. Готов к употреблению и представлен в удобной упаковке весом 500 г.

Приобретайте этот натуральный деликатес с превосходными характеристиками прямо сейчас!

AED 180.00
Caviar N1

Красная Икра Кеты (500г.)

Роскошная кета икра в крупных банках по 500 г – это настоящее гастрономическое удовольствие для ценителей морепродуктов. Сочная икра крупного размера, около 3,4 - 3,6 мм, светло-оранжевого цвета, предлагает неповторимый опыт с приятным "хрустом" и кремовым вкусом, который буквально "тает" во рту.

Икра кеты является не только изысканным угощением, но и одним из самых полезных продуктов. Она богата омега-3, аминокислотами, кальцием, калием, фосфором и другими минералами, делая ее идеальным выбором для заботы о вашем здоровье.

AED 520.00
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