Payment with MIR cards in the UAE: Convenient payment solutions for Russian citizens in Dubai

  • Mar 20, 2024

In the modern world, where globalization has become an integral part of our lives, many Russian citizens who moved to the United Arab Emirates, in particular to Dubai, are faced with the problem of limited opportunities to use their MIR bank cards outside Russia and making payments in rubles.

This limitation can be caused by both technical and practical reasons, which creates inconvenience for those who are used to making purchases and spending their money using MIR cards.

Mainly, MIR bank cards can be used in Duty Free shops at airports, where the supply of goods and services is limited, but it is also possible to make purchases in other places.

However, we offer our customers payment using their MIR bank cards when purchasing from us. Simply contact us and we will send you instructions on how to transfer money via your MIR card to make your shopping experience even more convenient, whether online or in our stores.