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Get to know our exquisite collection of crabs, where you will find the best choice of crab delicacies, manually selected for their exceptional taste and quality.
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  • Caviar N1

    Kamchatka crab meat 500g.

    For connoisseurs of indescribable taste and the beneficial properties of our crab meat, we offer packaging weighing 520 grams. This natural wealth from the depths of the ocean will become an indispensable source of protein and many other nutrients for your body.
    Plunge in the marine atmosphere of taste and care for your health with every portion.
    AED 500.00
  • Caviar N1

    Kamchatka crab meat 700g.

    For real gourmets and connoisseurs of exquisite dishes, we offer Kamchatka crab meat of 720 grams. This product combines indescribable sea taste with the wealth of nutrients.
    Vitamin B, selenium and omega-3 fatty acids will make your nutrition more balanced and useful. Let yourself enjoy this taste and take care of your health at the same time.
    AED 700.00
  • Caviar N1

    Crab sauce with lime, olive oil and thyme

    Take your cooking up a notch with this decadent sauce created for bruschetta connoisseurs. Enjoy the rich flavors of succulent crab, balanced by the refreshing notes of lime and the delicate herbaceousness of thyme. Open your taste buds to a world of delicious possibilities with every drop of this perfect crab sauce.

    AED 150.00
  • Kosmonte Foods

    Snow crab

    Classic chilled bremor crab sticks. From white fish species.
    AED 20.50
  • Not available
    Kosmonte Foods

    Crab sticks chilled

    Snow crab sticks, chilled. High protein content.
    AED 20.00
  • Flexway

    “Kirieshki Baguet”, croutons with crab flavor, 50 g

    Kirieshki Baguet with crab flavor - low-calorie crackers with a rich seafood taste, an ideal snack to enjoy without extra calories!
    AED 5.25