Rice mini crispbreads


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Rice mini crispbread -karamel from Jr.Korner is a unique combination of benefit and delicacy. A healthy snack for children made from whole cereals (rice) with reed sugar and without gluten.
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Caramel crispbread for children

Mini crispbreads Jr.korner are the perfect snack for children. This product is created using whole cereals (rice) and natural ingredients, and also has a pleasant caramel taste.

Natural ingredients

We are proud that our breads are made of natural ingredients, including whole cereals (rice), reed sugar and other natural components. They do not contain gluten and added sugar.

Energy value

The whole cereals contained in breads provide the body with energy, and reed sugar adds pleasant sweetness. Energy value - 1550 kJ/370 kcal.

The expiration date

The product retains its qualities for 12 months. We recommend that you store in a dry place protected from direct sunlight.