Classic marshmallow without added sugar


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Belevskaya classic pastille from the manufacturer with the legendary name “Belyovskaya Pastilla Manufactory” is not only very tasty, but also a healthy delicacy.

The delicacy is made from applesauce, also hand-made from farm apples, so the marshmallow contains a large amount of pectin.

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Ingredients: apples, egg white.

Contains sugars of natural origin.

  • Nutritional value (average values*) per 100 g of product: proteins – 4.0 g; carbohydrates – 65 g
  • Energy value (average values*) per 100g of product: 1156 kJ/276 kcal.
  • Shelf life:at storage temperature +8 - +10 °C - 9 months, at storage temperature +10 - +25 °C - 4 months at relative humidity air no more than 75 - 80%.