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Uzbek rice laser

This type of rice is considered a delicacy in Uzbekistan. Basically, Laser rice is used to prepare traditional pilaf.
AED 28.00

Uzbek rice Devzira

Belaya Devzira, this rice is more common as 'chungara' which is grown in Kyrgyzstan, with the help of this rice 'devzira' various national dishes are prepared in Central Asian countries, most often used for cooking Uzbek pilaf.

Devzira rice has a light pearl color, as well as a matte shade contained in each cereal. Historically, ‘devzira’ was processed by hand.

AED 30.00

Kurt Ermak

[Short_Description] This traditional dairy product, popular in Central Asia, is prepared by drying sour cream or yogurt and rolling them into small balls. The result is a crispy, acute snack that is ideal for quenching hunger between meals or as a filling for your favorite dishes. Kurt contains a lot of protein and little fat, which makes it a nutritious snack without a feeling of guilt. Try this famous Central Asian treats today and discover the new world of amazing taste for yourself! [/Short_Description]
AED 5.00
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Semi-smoked Eastern sausage

Rozmetov semi-smoked sausage Eastern vacuum packaging. Pleasant and delicate taste of smoked, boiled and semi-smoked meat delicacies.
AED 36.00

Semi-smoked Alpine sausage

Premium sausage made from fresh fattened bovine meat. Packed in a viscose-reinforced casing that allows the aroma of smoke to penetrate to infuse the product with the fullest smoked flavor.
AED 34.00

Semi-smoked sausage Moscow

Semi-smoked sausage Rozmetov Moscow vacuum packaging. Meat for the manufacture of sausages is used exclusively natural, the first freshness, without preservatives and additives.
AED 31.00

Krakow sausage

Krakowska, as the name suggests, was the Polish city of Krakow. It appeared in the 16th century and was a home-made homemade sausage made from homogeneous and dense minced meat with the addition of spices.
AED 17.50

Chicken sausages

Chicken Sausages - Juicy, aromatic chicken sausages with a delicate texture and expressive taste.
AED 22.00

Veal sausages

Veal sausages — Juicy, fragrant veal sausages with a delicate texture and expressive taste.
AED 24.00

Beef sausages

Beef Sausages - Delicious sausages are a great choice for a nutritious breakfast.
AED 24.00
Spice Expert

Bay leaf

Лавровый лист - это незаменимая пряность, которая должна быть у каждой хозяйки на кухне. Она широко используется в консервировании многих продуктов. Лавровый лист добавляют в смеси, предназначенные для маринования и засолки овощей, что делает их более вкусными и ароматными.

Рекомендуется добавлять лавровый лист в блюдо перед окончанием готовки, чтобы готовое блюдо не имело горечи. Наш лавровый лист высшего качества и обеспечит вашим блюдам потрясающий вкус и аромат. Не забудьте попробовать наш лавровый лист и насладиться его богатым вкусом!

AED 5.00
Spice Expert

Seasoning for Pilaf

Introducing Pilaf Seasoning, the perfect spice blend to elevate your rice dishes to the next level. This authentic Uzbek spice blend is specially formulated to enhance the flavor of pilaf, a traditional Uzbek rice dish.

Made with only the highest quality ingredients and free of artificial flavors, preservatives and additives, making it a healthy and natural choice for any home cook.

AED 5.00
Spice Expert

Raisin kishmish

Изюм кишмиш - это продукт, который обязательно должен быть в вашей кухне. С его помощью вы сможете придать сладковатый вкус и ягодный аромат любому блюду.

Он идеально подходит для выпечки, но также может использоваться в приготовлении широкого спектра блюд, от плова до тажера. Изюм кишмиш прекрасно сочетается с ягнятиной и для более яркого вкуса рекомендуется разрезать ягоды пополам перед добавлением. Не забудьте попробовать наш изюм кишмиш и оценить его великолепный вкус и аромат!

AED 5.00

Boiled sausage doctoral Delmark 500 g.

[Short_description] Boiled Doctor's Boiled Sausage Sausage of Delmark is a high -quality meat product prepared according to a traditional recipe with love and care. [/Short_Description] [Product_Description] Composition BEAUTION OF HOLD CONSIDS, BEARS OF THE CONSIDS, CURRENT OF THE BROMENT OF THE BROWERRY BROWERS, SIDE-BEAR BUCH BURCH IVOTE, Dry Milk, Urine Milk, Sand Sand, Water, Salt of the Yodirovy, Color Cleeter (Sodium Nitrite) , spices and spices. Food value of 100 g. Product: proteins 12 g, fats 30 g. Store at temperature: from +2 ° C to +6 ° C [/Product_Description]
AED 35.00

Raw sausage "Delmark" Parma 300 g.

[Short_Description] Sausage "Delmark" Parma - a raw -button exquisite treat weighing 300 g. Enjoy the excellent taste of the Spanish sausage, prepared with love and attention to details. [/Short_description] [Product_Description] Prize quality of Spain Sausage "Delmark" Parma is a real gastronomic pleasure, which is the art of Spanish cuisine in every piece. The traditions of the Spanish delicacies, transferred through the centuries, reach their highest expression in this sausage. Spanish sausage is not just food, it is a cultural experience that brings the magic of aromas and the wealth of tastes to your table. Square meat, seasoned with spices and sustained on wood smoke, creates a unique taste that Spanish cuisine is so famous for. Composition Beef of the highest grade, chicken of the thoracic part of the chickens, beef fat, sodium salt, color fixer (sodium nitrite), spices and spices. Food value for 100 g of product: proteins - 18 g, fats - 35 g, energy value - 150 kJ (35 kcal). Energy value: 673 kcal Store at temperature: from +2 ° C to +6 ° C. Shelf life: 180 days [/Product_Description]
AED 42.00

Austrian sausage Delmark 200 g.

[Short_Description] Austrian sausage "Delmark" is a delightful combination of juicy varieties of meat, fat and spices created according to the legendary author's recipe. Enjoy the rich taste of the history of sausage art right on your table. [/Short_description] [Product_Description] Legendary heritage Austrian sausage "Delmark" is a traditional delicacy that originated more than 300 years ago in the city of Vienna, where sausage was a real art. Our masters prepare this juicy delicacy with love and attention, preserving the historical taste in every piece. This product is a real festival of taste, which combines the highest grade meat, turkey chill meat, fat and spices. The sausage has passed the ennoblement with new technologies, preserving the classic Austrian taste and being a standard of quality. Composition BURCH LENTER OF HOLE CHORT, CUST DEUMENT, BEAR-SAME BEARS, SALL GOOD BOOD, Coloring CITER (sodium nitrite), spices and spices. Food value for 100 g of product: proteins - 22 g, fats - 65 g. Energy value 100 g: 673 kcal. Store at temperature: from +2 ° C to +6 ° C. Shelf life: 180 days. [/Product_Description]
AED 35.00
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