Belyovskaya pastila with cherries without added sugar


AED 26.50


Belyovskaya pastila with berries is an indescribably delicate dessert that will captivate you from the first bite! The delicacy is created by hand, according to a traditional recipe, without preservatives, flavor enhancers or dyes. This sweetness can conquer even the most demanding sweet tooth.

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Ingredients: apples, cherries, egg white.

Contains sugars of natural origin.

  • Nutritional value (average values*) per 100g of product:proteins – 4.0 g; carbohydrates – 65.0 g
  • Energy value (average values*) per 100g of product: 1173 kJ/276 kcal.
  • Shelf life:at storage temperature +8 - +10 °C - 9 months, at storage temperature +10 - +25 °C - 4 months at relative humidity air no more than 75 - 80%.