Royal Earl Gray black tea in pyramids


AED 17.00


Royal Earl Gray black tea in pyramids from Greenfield is a true manifestation of nobility and sophistication. In each cup you will feel a deep and rich bouquet, harmoniously intertwining the spicy notes of Ceylon tea, the classic aroma of bergamot and citrus shades.

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Royal Earl Gray black tea in pyramids

The noble, deep and rich bouquet of Greenfield Royal Earl Gray reveals an exciting aromatic wave, in which the spicy notes of exquisite Ceylon tea, the strict classic aroma of bergamot and subtle shades of citrus are intricately intertwined. The impeccable shape and functional simplicity of the transparent pyramid allows the tea leaves to fully open to give the drink the full depth of a perfect natural bouquet.

Each pyramid offers the tea leaves enough space to develop and release their flavors, providing you with a unique indulgence experience.

The balance between spicy, citrus and floral notes makes this tea an ideal choice to enjoy at any time of the day. Immerse yourself in the world of nobility and sophistication with Royal Earl Gray tea from Greenfield.