Wafer candies Korovka milk


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Korovka Milk Wafer Candies - delicate wafer treats with milky flavor, ideal for a sweet snack.
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Korovka milk wafer candies

Korovka milky wafer candies are delicate wafer delicacies with a milky flavor that will please all sweet tooth lovers. Glazed waffles with filling between the layers of waffles are great for a sweet snack during the day.

The candies are made using high quality ingredients to provide a unique taste and texture. The filling with milk flavor creates an ideal combination with crispy waffles, giving them a unique aroma and taste.

The composition of the candies includes wafer sheets, milk filling, and glaze to give the candies a shiny appearance. This dessert will lift your spirits and will be a great addition to a cup of coffee or tea.