Lemonade Natakhtari Barberry


AED 13.00


Natakhtari “Barberry” lemonade is the real pride of Georgian culture in every bottle! Gather your friends and enjoy the bright and refreshing taste of this famous Georgian drink.

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Natakhtari “Barberry” lemonade is a national treat of Georgia, which successfully complements any celebration. In a set of 20 glass bottles of 500 ml each, this lemonade is ready to give you a unique taste and bright moments in the company of friends.

Features of lemonade:

  • Produced using pure artesian water.
  • With the addition of natural ingredients for a unique taste.
  • The perfect combination of grape flavor, white sugar and citric acid.
  • Energy value per 100 g: 48 kcal, carbohydrates: 12 g


  • Prepared water.
  • Grape flavoring (identical to natural).
  • White sugar.
  • Preservative (sodium benzoate, citric acid).
  • Dyes (caramel color, crimson, patent blue).

Natakhtari “Barberry” lemonade is not only a drink, but also a piece of Georgian atmosphere in every bottle. Enjoy freshness and taste in every sip!