Turkey slices Slim & Fit 100g


AED 18.50


Turkey Slices Slim & Fit from Perutnina, rich in healthy vitamins and minerals, is ideal for a healthy diet and staying in great shape.

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Turkey Slices Slim & Fit, 100g from Perutnina

Turkey Slices Slim & Perutnina Fit is enriched with vitamins, minerals and protein to support brain development, strong bones, weight loss, muscle building and heart health. These turkey slices are not only delicious, but also an extremely healthy choice for your diet.

Ingredients: turkey sausage.

Fat content: 3g per 100g of product.

Storage conditions: Store in the refrigerator.

Turkey Slices Slim & Fit is an excellent choice for those who strive for a healthy lifestyle and are looking for a tasty but healthy product.