Mineral water San Pellegrino 1l


AED 12.50


Mineral San Pellegrino water water with a volume of 1 liter - a refreshing drink with an instant charge of energy. It was made of natural mineral water from Italian Alps, has a pure and fresh taste that perfectly quenches thirsty.
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San pellegrino soda mineral water

San Pellegrino is a carbonated natural mineral water, represented in a bottle of 1 liter. Produced from natural mineral water extracted in Italian Alps. Her fresh and pure taste is ideal for quenching thirst.

Soda gives the water pleasant playfulness, which makes it even more pleasant for consumption. Whether it is pure use or use in cocktails, San Pellegrino -carbonated mineral water is a high -quality choice for quenching thirst and refreshing.

Storage conditions

Keep in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight.