Halva sunflower air


AED 11.50


Halva Sunflower Airy from Timosha - treats for health and joy. Light and tasty eastern sweetness that will love the sweet tooth of all ages.
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Halva Airy from Timosha

Test the eastern tenderness with the Halva sunflower air from Timosha. This is a unique treat that combines the ease of texture and the saturated taste of sunflower.

Natural ingredients

We use only natural components to create this sweetness: the core is grated sunflower, a natural anti-oxiditer-concentrate, soapy root extract, water, patho, vanillin flavor and sugar.

Nourishing value

in 100 g of product: proteins 11.4 g, carbohydrates 45.1 g, fats 27.1 g. Energy value - 490 kcal.

For health and joy

Timosha creates sweets that bring not only pleasure to taste, but also a joy for health. Enjoy lightness and taste in every piece!