Little Flora bagels


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Little Flora bagels - these are traditional ram products made of sweet wheat dough, presented in the form of a ring or oval. Their glossy and smooth surface makes them attractive for lovers of sweets.
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Tender tradition

Little Flora bagels is a magnificent combination of a traditional recipe and high quality. Made of wheat flour of 1 grade and other selected ingredients, they bring tenderness and taste to each bite.

Lenten product

These bagles are ideal for those who adhere to the post, since they do not contain animal fats. Thanks to this, they can be used during fasting, adding diversity to the diet.

For children and adults

Little Flora bagels are suitable for all ages. They can be given to children at an early age, and they will certainly appreciate their delicate taste. An ideal addition to tea or coffee, they will give you a moment of pleasure and comfort.


Wheat flour 1 grade, pressed bakery yeast, kitchen salt, sugar, vegetable sunflower oil, mustard oil.