Borsch with beans 45 minutes and ready!


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Borsch with beans "45 minutes and ready!" - A modern solution for a traditional dish. Taste and benefit in one package, preparation in a moment!
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borsch: Simple and tasty

especially for you, the brand "is 45 minutes and ready!" It represents borsch with beans - a traditional dish, ready in just 45 minutes. Just add water or broth, and your delicious and hearty lunch is ready!

Suitable for any season

This dish is relevant both in winter and in summer. It can be served hot or cold. It is convenient to take with you on hikes and to the country.

simplicity of cooking

Only 130 grams of the mixture allow you to prepare 8 servings of a hearty first dish. Just cook for 40-45 minutes, and borsch is ready to serve!

Natural composition

The mixture is made of 100% natural components. Without flavorings, GMOs, sodium glutamate. Rich taste and aroma are guaranteed.

Nourishing value

in 100 g of product: proteins 15 g, carbohydrates 61 g, fats 2 g. Energy value - 1300 kJ/320 kcal.

Features of the product

products are suitable for cooking in a slow cooker, suitable for a vegetarian, vegan and lean menu.

The expiration date

The product retains its qualities for 18 months. We recommend that you store in a dry place protected from direct sunlight.