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Non-carbonated water Legend Baikal is drinking water with crystal purity and high oxygen content, extracted from Lake Baikal and having natural ultra-light mineralization.
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Non-carbonated water Legend Baikal

Drinking water "Legend of Baikal" is extracted from the depths of special layers of Lake Baikal, maintaining its crystal purity and richness in oxygen. Passing strict quality control in our own laboratory, it meets international standards, guaranteeing your body beneficial properties and energy.

**Basic chemical composition (mg/l):**

  • Hydrocarbonates: 50.0-100.0
  • Calcium: 10.0-25.0
  • Magnesium: 1.0-10.0
  • Chlorides: 0.1-10.0
  • Sulfates: 1.0-10.0
  • Total mineralization: 0.05-0.15 g/l
  • Total hardness: 1.0-2.0 mEq/l
  • pH: 7.2-8.0

**Shelf life:** 24 months

**Storage method:** Store at temperatures from +2 °C to +25 °C. Keep away from direct sunlight.

**Additional:** The shelf life of water after opening the bottle is no more than 3 days, subject to storage conditions.

**Available in 300 ml and 500 ml bottles**