Pasti Lite pastille with berries


AED 19.00


Pasti Lite with berries - this is a magnificent treat from Pasti Lite, prepared by 99% of baked apples. Without added sugar, without flour, does not contain gluten and exclusively natural ingredients. Enjoy the taste of real fruits without artificial additives!
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Light treat

Pastil of Lite with berries is an ideal combination of lightness and taste. Consisting of 99% of baked apples, she not only delights her natural taste, but also gives a unique experience of quenching sweet hunger.

without sugar and gluten

This treat does not contain added sugar, which makes it an excellent choice for those who follow their health. In addition, it is gluten -paid, suitable for those who avoid this component in the diet.

Natural ingredients

Without artificial additives and preservatives, pasti Lite is created using only high -quality natural ingredients. This is a manual product created with care and attention to every detail.

It is great for a healthy diet

Pasti Lite with berries is not just a treat, but also a great solution for those who appreciate the taste, not sacrificing care for their health. Try and enjoy the natural taste of fruit in every piece!