Pasti Lite Pastila apple and cardamon


AED 19.00


pastille "Pasti Lite Apple and Cardamon" is an exceptional treat from Pasti Lite, prepared by 99% of baked apples with the addition of aromatic cardamon. Without added sugar, without flour, gluten -paid, exclusively natural and manual manufacture.
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A bright combination of tastes

pastille "Pasti Lite Apple and Cardamon" is an amazing combination of natural sweetness of apples and sophisticated aroma of Cardamon. Each piece is real pleasure with bright and harmonious taste notes.

without sugar and gluten

This pastille does not contain added sugar, which makes it an excellent option for those who care about their health. The gluten -pay formula allows you to enjoy the taste without restrictions.

Natural ingredients

Without artificial additives and preservatives, pasti Pasti Lite apples and cardamom is created using only the best natural ingredients. Each element is carefully selected to give true pleasure.

Convenient for healthy diet

The combination of apples and cardamom gives this pastille not only a great taste, but also makes it an excellent choice for those who follow their health. Feel the natural taste in every piece of this unique delicacy.