"Belochka" chocolates


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Belochka chocolate candies from the Babaevsky concern are one of the most famous and beloved candies. A dense praline with a rich taste of cashew nuts and cocoa and light, subtle hints of vanilla, covered with aromatic chocolate glaze. Crispy pieces of crushed nut kernels are a special highlight of these sweets. Impossible to resist!
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Belochka chocolates

Immerse yourself in a unique world of taste with our Belochka chocolates. Each bite is a combination of dense praline with the rich taste of cashew nuts and cocoa, covered with aromatic chocolate glaze.

Traditional Recipe

Our sweets are created according to traditional recipes to convey to you a unique taste and pleasure familiar to several generations.

Rich Taste

Our sweets combine the light chocolate tartness of praline, the slightly creamy taste of nut pieces and the delicate sweetness of chocolate glaze - a taste that is impossible to forget.

High Quality Ingredients

We use only the finest ingredients to create our chocolates to ensure you enjoy unsurpassed quality and enjoyment in every bite.

Methods of Consumption

Squirrel candies are ideal for gifts, treats or for enjoying yourself at any time of the day. An excellent choice for connoisseurs of chocolate treats!

Storage and Shelf Life

Store in a cool and dry place. Shelf life: 6 months.