Green tea in Milky Oolong pyramids


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Dive into the world of exquisite tea with subtle milky and creamy notes, presented in Milky Oolong pyramids from Greenfield.

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Green tea in Milky Oolong pyramids

The magnificent green tea Milky Oolong from Greenfield will delight you with a pleasant and soft taste with refined milky and creamy notes and a delicate sweetish aftertaste. This tea is based on one of the most legendary species, dating back thousands of years.

The word Oolong comes from the name of the Wulongjiang River, near which the production of this wonderful species originated. Thanks to the luxurious climate, clear mountain water and bright sun, every pyramid of Milky Oolong tea becomes a source of delightful moments of pleasure.

For true tea connoisseurs, Milky Oolong is the ideal choice for an invigorating morning drink or for a relaxing tea party throughout the day.