Milk porridge "Malyutka" rice


AED 23.50


Malyutka rice porridge is an ideal addition to baby food from 4 months. Quick to prepare and rich in vitamins, it is suitable for children and adults.
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Product composition

Rice flour (49.83%), high-quality cow's milk normalized for fat (35.0%), powdered sugar. The porridge is enriched with vitamins: biotin, A, D, E, K, C, PP, B1, B2, B5, B6, BC, B12 and minerals - iron sulfate.

Method of preparation

Using unboiled water, as well as failure to follow instructions for preparing porridge, can lead to negative health consequences. The porridge is prepared immediately before consumption. To prepare porridge and feed a child under 1 year old, boil the dishes for 3-5 minutes. Using the table below, determine the required amount of porridge and water. Boil and cool to 55-60 °C in water. Pour the required amount of water into a clean container. With constant stirring, add the required number of tablespoons of dry porridge. Stir with a fork until smooth and wait three to five minutes for the porridge to completely swell. Cool the porridge to 35-37 °C. The porridge is ready! Bon appetit! Ready-made porridge left over after feeding cannot be stored or further used. It is not allowed to prepare the daily amount of porridge at one time.