Rye Breadsticks Naslada


AED 7.50


We present to you “Rye” sticks from the Naslada brand - a tasty and nutritious treat for real gourmets. These crispy sticks are made using high-quality rye flour, which adds a special taste and aroma.

Rye sticks are ideal for those who value natural and healthy products. They not only have a pleasant crunch in the mouth, but also contain valuable rye nutrients that have a beneficial effect on the body. In addition, the sticks are decorated with sesame seeds, which adds a unique texture and a pleasant crispy shell.

Thanks to their unique taste and nutritional properties, “Rye” sticks will be an excellent choice for a snack at any time of the day. They're perfect for a picnic, a party, or just as a tasty snack at work or school.

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