Chicken Frankfurt Sausage Perutnina Poli


AED 40.50


Perutnina Poly Chicken Frankfurt Sausage is an innovative and adventurous product that always surprises with its innovative spirit. Poli sausage has a juicy, soft, light and tasty taste, containing 90% chicken meat.

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Chicken Frankfurt Sausage Perutnina Poli

Perutnina Mini Chicken Frankfurt Sausage - Poli constantly surprises with its innovative and adventurous spirit, which is why Poli Ham was created! It contains 90% chicken meat, juicy, soft, light and tasty.

Already cut for your convenience. Just add to your sandwich and enjoy.

Ingredients: Chicken meat 90%, Water, Salt, Antioxidant - ascorbic acid, Spices, Spice extracts, Preservatives - sodium nitrite and sodium acetate.