Compote Dogwood


AED 18.00


Refreshing and natural dogwood compote from the Saville brand is a unique drink that everyone will enjoy. Enjoy the bright notes of dogwood, as well as the natural sourness that gives this drink its special charm.

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Product Description

Immerse yourself in a world of natural flavors with our dogwood compote from the Saville brand. This sweet drink of a pleasant reddish-pink color perfectly quenches thirst and is refreshing on a hot day. With every sip you will feel notes of apple, chokeberry and strawberry, making this compote a real find for connoisseurs of natural drinks.


Our compote is made from natural ingredients without the addition of preservatives or dyes. It contains dogwood, pasteurized water, sugar and citric acid, which makes it not only tasty, but also healthy for your body.