Cheese sauce


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Sloboda cheese sauce is a true embodiment of the taste and aroma of cheese. The bright, rich taste of this sauce, combined with a subtle cheese aroma, awakens the appetite and makes each dish unique.

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Sloboda cheese sauce is a real delicacy prepared using real cheese. With its unique taste, this sauce is a great addition to any dish, adding a unique cheesy touch.

The composition of the cheese sauce includes sunflower oil, water, sugar, egg yolk, table salt, cheese powder, vinegar and milk protein. Each serving of cheese sauce has the following characteristics:

  • Calories: 138 kcal
  • Fats:15 g
  • Saturated fat:2.4 g
  • Sugar:0.6 g
  • Salt:0.3 g

Add the bright taste of cheese to your table with Sloboda cheese sauce. Enjoy the great aroma and rich taste!