Water Legend Baikal


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Water "Legend Baikal Dubai" provides reliable water storage, ensuring peace of mind and confidence in its quality.
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Water "Legend Baikal Dubai"

Legend Baikal Dubai offers the perfect solution for your water storage needs. These premium steel containers are crafted with cutting-edge technology and specialized materials, ensuring durability and safety.

By opting for Legend Baikal Dubai, you secure a dependable and long-lasting water storage solution that instills peace of mind and trust in your water quality. Suitable for both residential and commercial use, Legend Baikal Dubai epitomizes reliability and safety.


Primary chemical composition (mg/l): Hydrocarbons 50.0-100.0, Calcium 10.0-25.0, Magnesium 1.0-10.0, Chlorides 0.1-10.0, Sulfates 1.0-10.0, Total mineralization 0.05-0.15 g/l, Total hardness 1.0-2.0 mg-eq/l, pH: 7.2-8.0.

Storage method

Recommended storage temperature: +2°C to +25°C. Keep away from direct sunlight.


The shelf life of water after opening the bottle is no more than 3 days, under appropriate storage conditions.