Crumbled chocolate cookies “Yashkino”


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Chocolate crumbly cookies “Yashkino” - delicious crumbly chocolate cookies with pieces of dark chocolate and cocoa.
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Chocolate crumbly cookies “Yashkino”

Chocolate crumbly cookies “Yashkino” are deliciously tasty and crumbly chocolate cookies that will appeal to all sweet tooth connoisseurs. It is prepared with pieces of dark chocolate and cocoa, has a unique aroma and rich taste.

The cookies are made from premium flour with the addition of milk and cocoa from selected cocoa beans. Homemade, tasty and high-quality Yashkino cookies will be an excellent choice for morning or evening tea, as well as a wonderful treat for friends and family.

Energy value per 100 g: proteins - 7.5 g, fats - 19 g, carbohydrates - 62 g, calories - 460 kcal.