Seasoning for potatoes


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Potato seasoning from Magic of the East opens up new taste horizons and enriches the aroma of dishes. An excellent choice for a healthy diet without preservatives, dyes and GMOs.

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Potato seasoning from Magic of the East

Live up the taste of potatoes and other dishes with seasoning from "Magic of the East". This natural product without artificial additives makes every preparation not only tasty, but also healthy. The seasoning is ideal for use in the kitchen, in the country, in nature and even during picnics.

The composition of the seasoning includes dried spices and herbs: red hot pepper, turmeric, parsley, which makes it easy to add piquancy and uniqueness to any dishes. An excellent choice for those who value quality and naturalness of products.

Give an original gift or add zest to your daily menu with Potato Seasoning from Magic of the East. Free of flavors, GMOs and preservatives, it makes every meal healthier and more enjoyable.