Hunting sausages are classic


AED 38.00


These sausages made of chilled beef and chicken, use the exquisite bouquet of spices that gives the product a spicy taste and light aroma of smoking.

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Uzbek Half-Smoked Sausages

Hunting sausages have existed in the Uzbek market for more than 15 years. During this time, the Uzbek sausage products won the love of millions of buyers throughout the country, due to which it became one of the leading brands in the Russian sausage market. All this is explained by the fact that the trademark of Rosmetes is a tasty, high-quality product at a price affordable for everyone. Hearty, fragrant and very tasty - such characteristics are given by buyers of sausages to the “hunting” half-smoked from TM “Uzbek sausages”.