Chak-Chak Honey “Timosha”


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Chak-chak Honey "Timosha" is a delicate oriental delicacy with the aroma of honey and a sweet, airy taste.
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Chak-Chak Honey "Timosha"

Immerse yourself in oriental magic with Chak-chak Medov from Timosha. This delicate delicacy attracts with its honey aroma and unique sweet airy taste.

Natural Composition

Premium wheat flour, natural honey, edible chicken egg, refined deodorized sunflower oil, sugar, thickener - carrageenan, leavening agent - sodium bicarbonate, table salt, acidity regulator - sodium citrate.

Sweet Oriental Art

Chak-chak Timosha is not just a delicacy, it is a real oriental art, created with love and careful selection of natural ingredients.

Unique Taste

Experience the unique taste of honey mixed with the tenderness of the dough. This Chuck-Chuck will be an excellent addition to tea or a wonderful dessert.

Safety and Quality

We guarantee that every piece of Chak-Chak Timosh is produced in compliance with the highest standards of safety and quality.